Introduction To Dolby Atmos With Andrew Scheps TUTORIAL

Introduction To Dolby Atmos TUTORIAL

P2P | 8 January 2024 | 6.92 GB

World-Renowned mixing engineer Andrew Scheps is back. And this time, he has an INSANE amount of speakers surrounding him to explain how to mix music in Dolby Atmos.

In this exclusive, you’ll sit next to Andrew Scheps as he explains everything from how to configure a Dolby Atmos mixing room setup and Dolby Atmos Renderer to how he ensures that the artist can listen to the final product.

Watch As Andrew:

Discusses the different speaker configurations available in Dolby Atmos
Discusses the difference between phantom center and true center
Breaks down the Dolby Renderer
Explains how room calibration and time alignment of the speaker system is done and techniques you can try at home
Clarifies the “Crashdown” process done by the Dolby Atmos renderer to playback on smaller systems
Demonstrates Object-based panning
Explains the ADM File format
Discusses loudness levels in Dolby Atmos
Demonstrates how to save the binaural settings inside of the Pro Tools session and send timecode to the Dolby renderer
Discuss how Dolby Atmos Binaural Rendering works
Explains where “Acoustically Compromising Positions” are in the Dolby Atmos soundfield
Discusses different I/O setups
Explains the different steps of mixing in Atmos
Discusses mastering for Dolby Atmos
Talks about mixing in Dolby Atmos with the multitrack vs. stems
Teaches how to deliver the master ADM file
Explains why exporting for Apple Music is a different process and how to listen to it
Discusses how he explains the Dolby Atmos version to the artist and ensures they listen to it properly

Join Andrew Scheps as he explains the intricacies of mixing music in Dolby Atmos. Only on


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