Intuitive MX v1.2.5-iNViSiON

Intuitive MX v1.2.5-iNViSiON

Team iNViSiON | 16 April 2003 | WinALL | 24 mb

Directly coming from a new generation of Home Studio, IMX can be presented as the simplest and most sophisticated tool of its time. IMX minimizes the hassles of music creation by simplifying the recording process… Faster, simpler, more powerful, IMX do not denature your feeling, it sets it free.

Intuitive MX is a 100% audio multitrack recording and mixing software. Intuitive MX offers tools worthy of an actual recording studio on a simple PC.

The recording studio:
import, record, handle the sounds. You are at the heart of your Home Studio.

a three-dimensional scenic representation that optimizes and simplifies the mixing stage.

The Effects Rack:
a dedicated and organized space including 11 professional effects. Intuitively use up to 4 effects by track, in an automated way. Intuitive “Pluses”, Snapshots and command history allow you to non destructively work on your data, compensating creative doubts and leaving free court to your creativity.


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