IR: 252 Digital Reverberation System for Altiverb 7

IR: 252 Digital Reverberation

30 Sept 2021 | .irbulk | 83.4 MB

The 252 Digital Reverberation System is the successor to the well-known 251. Captured in SoundStash Studios in Graz.

252 Digital reverberator

The 252 Digital Reverberation System is the successor to the well-known 251. In contrast with the earlier 250 and the 251 unit this 252 comes as 19″ rack mounting with a remote control.
This IR set features REV-D, NONLIN, REVERB and the 250 VERB programs, all with 8 presets each. Then the REVERB and the 250 VERB programs also feature many reverb time settings from short (0.4 seconds) to long (4.5 seconds) with three different eq settings (high, low, natural). The CHORUS programs are not included.

All sampled meticulously by Aram Verwoest in the comforts of SoundStash Studios (Georg Walt) in Graz. Listen to the audio examples here to compare the actual 252 audio recordings to the Altiverb mockups to find out how well these IRs sound.


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