J74 Venus6 Poly-Multi Synthesizer 1.0.4 Max for Live

J74 Venus6 Poly-Multi Synthesizer 1.0.4 Max for Live

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J74 Venus6 is a six voice Poly-Multi Synthesizer for Ableton Live (Max for Live). It can be used as a six voice polyphonic synthesizer (one timbre, six voices), as six independent monophonic synthesizers or as a six voice stacked monophonic synthesizer. The way voices, sequencer lines and clock are used is configurable and semi-modular. The internal sequencer of Venus6 (and of its MIDI companion VenusSEQ, also part of the package) is capable of poly-rhythmic and poly-metric sequencing due to the internal modular clock routing and clock division system.

J74 Venus6 has been built echoing the behaviour of DCO synthesizer’s of the 80’s: its six (virtual) voice boards have been created with slight tolerance differences (subtle, but still present in DCO systems of the time) and coupled with a voice allocation system which enhances this dynamics. The synthesizer has an internal chorus, which also echoes the chorus implementations of the same era. The same chorus is also provided as a separate audio effect, as part of the same package. Venus6 comes with 250+ presets, which range from pads to arpeggio, from bass-sequences to leads.

Feature Overview of J74 Venus6

– Six voices, each voice with SAW, PWM, Noise, Sine and two sub-oscillators.
– Sub-harmonic tuning and sequencing of the Sub-oscillators.
– Per voice ladder filter and VCA, with dedicated envelopes.
– Per voice sequencer for pitch, velocity and filter modulation (cutoff and resonance).
– Sequencer available also as a separate MIDI device (VenusSEQ) as part of the same pack.
– External parameter modulation for the separate MIDI sequencer device (VenusSEQ).
– Modular clock system for free poly-rhythmic and poly-metric sequencing and arpeggio’s.
– Flexible voice modes: POLY, MONO, SEQ, ARP, CHORD, MONO-6.
– Six Independent LFO’s for Cutoff, Panning and Tremolo.
– Global HighPass Filter and Chorus (four types of chorus).
– Chorus available also as a separate audio effect (VenusChorus), included in the pack.
– Additional global Glide, LFO Trig, Drift amount, Drone and Root/Scale filtering (sequencer)
– Preset system: save and recall presets with 250+ presets included.
– Editing functions: synth randomize, sequence randomize and shuffle.

Requirements and Specifications

Platform Requisites
J74 Venus6 is an Ableton Live, Max for Live device set. You must have a Max for Live licence to run it and it will run properly only in Live 10 or higher (older versions of Live are not supported).

Supported Versions:
– Ableton Live 10 and 11 (with embedded Max), Suite or Standard (with Max for Live license)
– Windows versions supported: 10
– Mac OS versions supported: 10.13 and higher


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