JACK ANTONOFF Part Of The Band The 1975 Tutorial

JACK ANTONOFF Part Of The Band The 1975 Tutorial

Tutorial | DEC 2023 | 934 MB

Follow the Grammy-winning producer on his never-ending quest to discover new sounds in the studio. In this series, Jack goes back to explore his critically-acclaimed work with British pop band, The 1975. Featuring a delicate tapestry of folk and orchestral instruments, the song was built to sound like a modern day ‘band in a room’.

To achieve this goal, Jack and the band approached things differently. Musicians swap instruments. Drums veer off-grid. Cellos drift in and out of tune. These experiments create the perfect environment for a unique arrangement to emerge, and the team is prepared to capture them at a moment’s notice.

Sound design is woven deeply into the recording process, and Jack reveals all of the creative processing techniques that they used to craft the song’s compelling musical textures. While many instruments are captured in a naturalistic way, others are warped and distorted through an array of vintage preamps and echo units.

Towards the end of the series, Jack moves past the recording process and into his general production philosophies. He explores what it means to be a record producer today, and he offers advice on how to manage the industry’s immense expectations and pressures. These simple strategies help him to shield himself from the opinions of others and focus on creating work that is authentic at all costs.


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