K-Devices HEXO v1.2.1 Ableton AMDX Max4Live (MaxForLive)

K-Devices HEXO v1.2.1 Ableton AMDX Max4Live

12 May 2023 | 111.4 MB | amxd

HEXO is a Max For Live deep and complete tool to create, sketch, and/or variate your harmonic, melodic, and beating contents.
Tons of advanced features, and just few clicks to generate new inspiring loops and beats!
Edit and write your patterns, set probabilities for each step and let HEXO create variations on the fly for you.
Use the advanced random functions to create new rhythms and grooves. Enjoy the advanced time settings per track, to go easily polymetric and polyrhythmic. Choose between Arpeggio or Riff mode: let HEXO build harmony movements on top of your live played notes and MIDI clips, or just hit play and let HEXO do all the job!


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