Latin House Masterclass w Crusy MP4

Latin House Masterclass w Crusy MP4

Video Tutorial | 6.7 GB

Total runtime: 5hrs 19mins
Studio One
Toolroom Academy

Join the Spanish producer and DJ for a colossal journey into Latin House production. In this course, Crusy takes us all the way from tribal sound selection and placement to a full mix.

The Spanish wunderkind started his own production journey as a teenager, and is now a Toolroom regular and Beatport Top 10 accolite. This course reveals the reasons behind his esteemed reputation as he constructs the track from barebone foundations, crafts a dense and heavy-hitting rhythm section and shapes the arrangement with interchanging focal points.

Over this 6-hour monster course, Crusy shows every facet of his production experience, starting by selecting, editing and layering percussive samples to make a vibrant, compelling rhythm. Next he spices things up with sub bass and vocal chops, exposing his sound selection methods along the way; and he completes the circle by spinning all his elements into an entire track. But he doesn’t stop there – Crusy continues by shaping an entire DJ-friendly arrangement to increase the track’s chances of success in the club, and creates compelling transitions between sections. As if that wasn’t enough, he then goes on to mix the entire track to a professional standard that works in all listening environments.

Crusy skillfully arranges and mixes his tracks in Studio One. In this course he highlights the effectiveness of his preferred stock plugins, such as X-trem and the Bitcrusher. When crafting the arrangement, he leans on his old faithful FabFilter Pro Q for key detection and filtering, Valhalla for spatial sound design and Cable Guy’s ShaperBox 2 for sidechaining. In the mixdown stage, Crusy unleashes the full power of his plugins library with software from brands like Plugin Alliance and Waves.

Spanning an expansive twenty chapters, this mammoth course sees Crusy meticulously dissect his production process, revealing the art of crafting infectious Latin House music that energizes dancefloors with vibrant tribal breaks. Take this in-depth course at your own pace and bring Crusy’s concepts to your own electronic music.

Prepare to begin a creative journey into Latin House, gaining first hand insights into Crusy’s experience and expertise in constructing dancefloor-ready hits.


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