Love Ephemeral WAV MIDI-DECiBEL

Love Ephemeral WAV MIDI

DECiBEL | 18 Jul 2021 | 189.1 MB

‘Love Ephemeral’ provides beautiful, musical melody loops, stems and MIDI geared mainly toward Lofi Hip Hop production. WAV and MIDI loops are available for greater production flexibility.

This sample pack is inspired by a number of popular artists and producers such as J Dilla, Nujabes, L.Dre, Blvk, Knxwledge, Jinsang and STLNDRMS! The melodies are beautifully musical and made from handcrafted original sounds utilizing extensive sound design. It features over 300MB of authentic melodic Hip Hop content including Pianos, Guitar, Strings, Flutes and Synths and is a must have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease.

All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line plug-ins and gear for that album and radio-ready sound. No drums or bass are included. However the demo displays how the loops work with both!

Product Details:
– 13 Piano Loops
– 10 Guitar Loops
– 8 Assorted Synth Loops
– 4 Pluck Loops
– 5 Pad Loops
– 2 Flute Loops
– 2 Strings Loops



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