LOW Explosive Taiko Drums Kontakt [FREE]

LOW Explosive Taiko Drums Kontakt [FREE]

Free | Kontakt Library | 360 MB

An in-depth sampling of 5 authentic Japanese taiko drums, played by actual taiko drummers. In total: 1 O-daiko, 2 okedo-daiko, and 2 shime-daiko, with multiple velocities & sounds.
Hello! I’m Grady, a taiko drummer from Las Vegas (currently drumming with Korabo Taiko). The drums in this pack were sampled from a taiko recording session I did back in March of 2021. They were recorded by Sam Friend, Robert Katz, & Barrett Ver Planck in Robert Katz’ Room at Wackerman Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. These recordings culminated in my album “LOW”, which can be listened to here: https://ihavenomouth.bandcamp.com/album/low

We recorded samples of the 5 taiko drums between takes. In total, we had 1 O-daiko, 2 okedo-daiko, and 2 shime-daiko. Shime are the highest pitch, followed by the tom-like medium-pitched okedo, followed by the gigantic low-tuned o-daiko.

Each drum is mapped on the keyboard in its own individual cluster of different sounds & articulations. Also, each drum is mapped symmetrically (with some articulation exceptions) so that they can be played with two fingers on two keys, simulating the right & left hand.

Articulations include: Center Hits, Edge Clicks, Muted Hits, Rimshots, Flams, Buzzes, and Slaps.


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