Lunchbox Amp v2.0.5 [WiN macOS] Regged-MOCHA

Lunchbox Amp v2.0.5 [WiN macOS] MOCHA

MOCHA | VST3/AAX/AU | WiN 145.8 MB / Mac 220.3 MB

Experience Timeless Tube Amp Tones in a Sleek Plugin!
Looking for that iconic 60’s valve amp sound? Meet the LunchBox Amp, an accurate revival of one of the most legendary British valve amps from the 60’s.

The Amplifier
The amp section of Lunchbox allows you to adjust the tone stack of the amp.
You also have the option of switching between three (3) factory selected cabs (which will updated the GUI as well).
You can also bypass the cab IR to use your own IR loader after.

The Pedals
The Stomp Box Pedals section of Lunchbox gives you access to three stomp boxes: a Transparent Overdrive, Delay and a one knob room reverb.
You can also enable and disable any pedal from the signal chain section with the signal chain at the bottom of the plugin.


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