Mad Pad (Max4Live)

Mad Pad (Max4Live)

AMXD| 140 KB

MAD PAD is a powerful audio chain tool where you capture with a click a coming audio source into a short continuance Pad-Loop- to manipulate it a variety of ways.

MAD PAD can function as a stand-alone devise and automatically adapt it self to Ableton Live or Max MSP.


– ‘AUD.IN’ An audio in unit with a fader for an input level, a pre-chain effect unit (reverb and delay) and a box number to set the general ramp time of the device.

– ‘REC’ Record (capture) a short slice of your coming audio signal and send it at once out as an endless continual ‘pad’. The recorded short loop is enveloped and overlapped with its own copy – to avoid ticks when loop starts/ends – you can be cancel overlapping for longer and dynamic loops.

– ‘Split-8’ Splitting the audio source or the captured loop pad – in real-time – into 8 different channels, with different Pitches/Pan/Volume, to create harmonic chords or sporadic random clusters.

– ‘PREST’ A section to save and recall sets of 8 channel’s pitch/pan/volume/mute combination, and a general transposition box number. You can also read and write files of preset.

– ‘ARPEGGIATOR’ To move between 8 instance of the ‘Split-8’ in many fascinating artistic ways.

– ‘PITCH’ Manipulates and controls ‘Split-8’ pitches with LFO and different algorithms.

– ‘Post effect’ Another effect units (reverb and delay) that takes the output of the ‘Split-8’ and its followed processors – but not the maim input(for that you have the first effect unit).

– ‘Midi’ section for easy way to insert pitches to ‘Split-8’ and create presets or just to play your captured sample on keyboards .

All sections can visually fold when are not in use.

One of main concept of the ‘Mad-Pad’ is to achieve an endless changeable drone sound from a single piece of captured audio, as a playback ground for improvisation or overdubbing upon it – all in real-time (performance or recording session).

Hight level of design and programming efficiency.

Full documentation – detailed tool-tips and full description at the info view window.


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