Maim v1.0.0 VST3 AU WiN macOS LiNUX [FREE]

Maim v1.0.0 VST3 AU WiN macOS LiNUX [FREE]


MAIM is an audio plugin that circuit bends an MP3 encoder in real time, disrupting the control flow sending data down unexpected paths to create digital distortions. With heavily hacked real MP3 encoders at its core, MAIM gives you the full gamut of digital distortion, from the realistic to the fantastical.

MAIM features two real MP3 encoders, captured in the wild and painstakingly incorporated into a real-time plugin.

We’ve woven mad-science circuit bending into MAIM’s MP3 encoders, to give you fine control over a whole palette of spectral distortions and face-melting glitches.

All knobs can be smoothly dragged and automated, without pops or gaps in the sound.
MAIM works across DAWs, on Mac (AU/VST3), Windows (VST3), and even Linux (VST3).

MAIM is licensed under the GPL v3.0 license, so you are free to use and even modify it, as long as any redistribution of the software is under the same license.

Installation Instructions

Under the releases tab from the Github, download the installer corresponding to your operating system.

On Windows or Mac, follow the instructions in the installer to install the plugin to your plugins folder.

On Linux, you’ll have to copy Maim.vst3 to your plugin folder. Often this is at ~/.vst3, but if you’re making music on Linux you’re probably already a step ahead of me.

Once the installation has finished, MAIM will show up in your DAW’s plugin folder, under the manufacturer name Wildergarden.


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