Making Neuro Bass In Ableton TUTORIAL-SoSISO

Making Neuro Bass In Ableton TUTORIAL

SoSISO | 26 January 2021 | 163 MB

Making a Neuro Bass sound is one of the hardest things to master. Ever feel that despite the millions of ways to go about it, none of them seem to work for you? In this course Dan Larsson opens the doors and sheds some light on this mysterious topic.

Video 1 – Neuro Sampler
In out first video we are going to use the Abelton Sampler to make a source sound, add effects, and turn it into a huge growling Neuro Bass.

Video 2 – Neuro Operator 1
Operator is the best tool to create some insane neuro bass lines. In this video we use it to make some sounds that will rumble your kidneys.

Video 3 – Neuro Stab
No DnB song can breathe life without a proper stab. Today we will cover how to create a nice stab that can be applied ,not only to DnB, but many other styles as well.

Video 4 – Neuro Operator Pt. 2
If round 1 didn’t prove how powerful Operator is for creating Neuro Bass, welcome to Round 2, as we show you how to generate some amazing and crazy Neuro Bass.



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