Modern 80’s Kit – for HALion Sonic SE (FREE for Limited Time)

Modern 80’s Kit – for HALion Sonic SE

FREE | HALion Sonic SE | 5 MB

Dom Sigalas has announced the release of Modern 80’s Kit, a new virtual instrument for HALion, HALion Sonic, and/or the free HALion Sonic SE.

The developer says this ready to go 80’s drum kit comes with all the controls you need for modern productions infused with that 80’s sound.


Independent volume control for each element
Global controls for Compressauce™, punch, room, and final sauce
Various “sauces” to sprinkle 80’s vibes to your sound
Ready-to-go controls for retro reverbs, delays, and spatial FX

For this virtual instrument, you will need at least HALion Sonic SE free instrument plugin by Steinberg. This plugin is compatible with VST3, AU, AAX hosts running in Windows and macOS.



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