MODERN HARMONY EXERCISES II: (Harmony in Modern Music)


English | 100 pages | MOBI | 5 MB

Master all the scales. Analyze and compose melodies and harmonies and become a professional musician
More than 80 exercises with their solutions

Continue the practice
Following Modern Harmony Exercises I, you will find in this second volume more than 80 exercises based on the last chapters of my book Modern Harmony Step by Step: 1- Scales, 2- Melody and Harmony.

What is this book for?
In this second harmony exercise book we will go through the path that will lead as from calculation to creativity, both composing or arranging music, searching scales in order to compose or improvise melodic lines, and playing with harmonies to comping them. Reharmonizing cadences to create your own arrangements and apply all the basic concepts you have seen and practiced.

What will you practice?
•Scales: Modals, Relative minor modes, Diminished, Mixolydians and its alterations, Harmonics.
•Harmonic analysis, melodic analysis, modal harmony, hybrid chords, modulation, modal interchange and reharmonization.
•Analyzing themes or creating your own cadences and progressions to apply all these points.

Get this book now and complete your musical training.NOTE: Because this is a workbook it is obvious that you will have to write on it to solve the exercises. I have attached a pdf file that can be downloaded and printed in whole or in part in order to solve the exercises.It is important that the exercises do not remain merely on paper, but that you transfer them to your instrument for practice, since the auditory recognition of each essential harmonic concept is an essential practice and learning part.I hope you find a place in this book to boost your musical creativity.


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