MonoPoly v2.4.1 [WiN & macOS]-R2R

MonoPoly v2.4.1 [WiN & macOS]-R2R

Team R2R | 06 Mar 2023 | WiN: 17.9MB | MAC: 21.4MB

Reborn through software 4VCO Synthesizer Mono/Poly The analog synthesizer Mono/Poly, which was launched at the same time as the Polysix in 1981, combined Korg’s analog synthesizers made until then into one ground-breaking synthesizer. Although this was a monophonic synthesizer with a thick sound made up of four voices, it had a groundbreaking specification of also being able to be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer, which was extremely valuable as polyphonic synths were then expensive. It was famous for having the versatility of sound creation using 4 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillators) combined with Polysix, such as oscillator sync and cross-modulation. While the Mono/Poly V2 in this KORG Collection has been based on the software-emulated Mono/Poly from 2007, it has been refined for modern production environments. In addition to the much-requested high-resolution and scalable interface, we have added two new multi-effects. All of the analog sounds and behaviors are realistically reproduced by CMT, KORG’s proprietary electronic Circuit Modeling Technology, and this latest software brings the power and vintage vibes that you want in a plug-in.

A complete reproduction of the thick sound of 4VCO
High-resolution interface for Retina and 4K
Maximum 128-voice polyphony, 16-voice unison
8-way virtual patches, 2 multi effects
300 latest presets

* Faithful modeling of the Mono/Poly circuitry.
* Proudly digitized using KORG’s Component Modeling Technology (CMT).
* High-resolution interface for Retina and 4K.
* Maximum of 128-voice polyphony, 16-voice unison.
* 8-way virtual patches, 2 multi effects.
* 300 up to date presets.
* A free upgrade for owners of the previous KORG Collection Mono/Poly.


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