Most Dope Sample Pack WAV

Most Dope Sample Pack WAV

FANTASTiC | 09 September 2021 | 958 MB

Created & Edited By Lxw HvRm

Inside The Pack Are Over Then 1.5 Gb Sounds

1) Ultimate Drum Machine Collection

•2) Lxw HvRm Drum Kit[/b]
( Sub & 808 & Kicks & Snares & Claps & Cymbals & Hi Hats & Open & Closed Hats & Crash & Percussion & Hits )
•3) 90s Drums
•4) Breaks
•5) Loops
•6) Atmosphere Loops
•7) Ambient Textures
•8) Pads & Leads
•9) FX
•10) Metal Guitars & Bass & Riffs
•11) Death Metal Vocals
•12) Phonk Vocals
•13) Chants
•14) Vocals

All Drum Machines Sounds From 80s Till Now

Acetone Rhythm-Ace
Acetone Rhythm-King
Acetone Rhythm-Master
AcidLab Miami
Alesis HR16A
BME Rattlesnake Parametric Percussion System
Boss DR-110
Boss DR-220A
Boss DR-220E
Boss SP-505
Casio CZ-230S
Casio MA-101
Casio MT-18
Casio MT-500
Casio MT-800
Casio Rapman
Casio RZ1
Casio SA-10
Cheetah MD16
Cheetah SpecDrum
Denon CRB-90
DrBöhm S-78
Drumfire DF-500
EKO MusicBox-12
EKO Ritmo20
Electro-Harmonix DRM-15
Electro-Harmonix DRM-16
Electro-Harmonix DRM-32
EMU E-Drum
Ensoniq ASR-X
Ensoniq EPS
Estradin Pulsar
Forat F-9000
Fricke MFB-301
Fricke MFB-501
Hammond Auto-Vari64
Hammond Rhythm2
Kawai ACR20
Kawai R-50
Kawai R-50e
Kawai R-100
Kawai XD-5
Kay R8
Keio Checkmate
Korg DDD-1
Korg DDM110
Korg DRM-1
Korg KPR77
Korg KR-33
Korg KR55
Korg Minipops
Korg MP7
Korg PSS-50
Korg SR-120
Korg Wavedrum
Linn AdrenaLinn1
Linn LM-1
Mattel Electronics Synsonics DRM
MPC-Electronics The-KIT
MSC DL-909
MXR 185
Nasta Hit-Stix2
Nintendo Game Boy Advance-SP
Pearl DRX-1
Quasimidi Rave-o-lution-309
Roland CR68
Roland CR78
Roland CR-80
Roland CR1000
Roland CR8000
Roland DDR-30
Roland R5
Roland R8
Roland RhythmPlus PB-300
Roland SP-606
Roland SPD-8
Roland TR-33
Roland TR-55
Roland TR-66
Roland TR-77
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Sakata DPM48
Sequential Circuits Studio-440
SequentialCircuits Drumtraks
SequentialCircuits Tom
Simmons SDS5
Simmons SDS7
Simmons SDS-9
Simmons SDS1000
Simmons SDS2000
Solton Disco-64
Sony DRP-1
SoundMaster SR88
Soundmaster Stix ST-305
Stylophone Beatbox
Tama TS-305
Tama TS-500
Technics AX5
Technics PCM DP50
Technics U90
Univox MicroRhytmer12
Vermona DRM1
Vermona DRM2
Vermona ER-9
Video-Tech Rythmic10
Watford-Electronics Rhythm-Generator
Wersi Prisma-DX5
Wurlitzer Swinging-Rhythm
Yamaha DD-5
Yamaha DD-10
Yamaha DD-11
Yamaha DD-50
Yamaha MR-10
Yamaha PTX8
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha RX-7
Yamaha RX-11
Yamaha RX-15
Yamaha RX-17
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha RX-120
Yamaha RY-8
Yamaha RY-10
Yamaha RY-30
Zoom RT-234



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