Motion Dimension v1.0.0-BUBBiX

Motion Dimension v1.0.0-BUBBiX

BUBBiX | 30 May 2024 | 18.76 MB

pace & Time Modulation
Reverb and Delay combine with an interactive sound-shaping experience
designed to add movement to your audio.

What can Motion: Dimension Do?
Craft intricate rhythmic patterns with dual delays.

Blend smoothly between plate and hall reverbs for evolving spaces.

Reverse delays for mind-bending sound design.

Enhance atmospheres with mesmerising textures.

Give mono sounds creative spatial complexity.

Experiment with series and parallel effects routing.

Visualise your sound with a 3D reactive object.

Motion: Dimension unveils a new realm of sonic exploration, focusing on an intricate blend of dual delays and adaptable reverbs to immerse you in a dynamic and responsive sound design journey.

Seamlessly integrate complex delay lines with lush reverberations, all controllable through the intuitive hexagon controller. From subtle echoes to sweeping sonic landscapes, Dimension places comprehensive sonic manipulation at your fingertips.

The Hexagon offers six macro sliders that can be assigned to control any of the onboard effect parameters.

Motion: Dimension employs the Hexagon controller for intuitive and animated effect modulation. Drag and drop parameters onto the six macro sliders, each assignable for detailed sound shaping. The magnetic cursor creates an interactive experience, making modulation a part of your production.

The Hexagon: Reactive Animation
Improving upon the concept of the traditional XY pad, the hexagon provides new automation possibilities, allowing six macro sliders to be pushed and pulled together by a magnetic field surrounding your mouse cursor.

Cursor movements can be played live, recorded or pre-programmed; and then controlled with extensive timing and playback options.

Perform Your Effects
Customise your cursor’s magnetic field controlling how you interact with the sliders. Design intricate paths around the Hexagon by plotting points or recording your mouse movements freely

Take control of your modulation with detailed timing and trimming adjustments to generate endless sonic landscapes. Whether adding subtle echoes to a guitar, designing atmospheric pads, or creating rhythmic complexity in electronic music, Dimension’s timeline is your gateway to dynamic auditory realms.

Dynamic Dual Delays
Each delay in Dimension offers comprehensive control over your sound:

L+R Delay Time & Feedback: Independent timing for intricate stereo effects.

Ping-Pong & Reverse Delay: Toggle for rhythmic variety and reverse effects for textural intrigue.

Repitch, Mod Depth & Rate: Pitch adjustments that react to your delay time changes, perfect for creative effects.

Tone, Duck, and Filtering: Fine-tune the echo’s character and frequencies.

64-bit: (VST2, VST3, AAX, SAL)


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