Multiband X6 v1.0.35 U2B Mac [MORiA]

Multiband X6 v1.0.35 U2B Mac [MORiA]

MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 42.2 MB

Stay in the Flow
Power often means complexity. X6 is different.

With its streamlined workflow, X6 can be dialled in as quickly and easily as a single-band compressor. Load it on a channel, set the threshold, twist the compression knob– It’s that simple.

How? Natural Balancing Technology and Smart Gain Compensation work to keep your sound balanced and consistent, minimising the need for manual adjustment.

Why Multiband X6?
Every aspect of X6 has been carefully designed to help you bring your music to life.

It excels at a variety of tasks: radio-friendly vocals, huge drums, biting synth stabs, punchy masters and much more. It’s also great with a single-band, for a classic compressed sound. Whether you want big in-your-face transients, well-controlled dynamics with no surprises, or an immersive wall of sound, you’ll get there easily with X6.

And with its low latency, low-cpu engine, it may be hard to resist putting it on every channel.


Up to Six Bands
Use X6 as a single-band compressor, or precisely control every part of the frequency spectrum.

Smart Gain Compensation
Keeps the level consistent as you dial up the compression, saving you time and effort.

Analyses the input signal, then sets the thresholds for consistent compression across all bands.

Input-Output Match
Automatically adjusts the output level to match the input, for accurate A/B-ing.

Configurable Crossover
6-band Linkwitz-Riley crossover, with configurable slope per-band up to 48dB/oct, with minimum and linear-phase modes.

Mid/Side Processing
Shape the stereo width of your mix, and control mono elements independently.

External Sidechain
Perform sidechain ducking, with exact control over every frequency band.

Reduce transients in advance, with a selectable lookahead of up to 20ms.

Up to 4x Oversampling
For the ultimate in mastering-grade sound quality

Professional Metering
Peak, true-peak, LUFS and RMS metering of both input and output.

Spectrum Analyser
Visualise the spectrum of both the input and output in realtime.


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