Music Theory in 30 Days: The Beginner’s Guide to How Music Works

Guide to How Music Works

English | 2021 | 389 pages | EPUB | 5 MB

Do you want to know how the language of music works? Would you like to explore all the different elements that create the music we all love? Are you interested in building a rock-solid foundation for more advanced musical studies?

Then this book is for you!
With hundreds of exercises and examples, listening challenges, 1 final test and online access to audio files, you’ll learn

•The essentials of music theory
•The complete system behind musical scales
•How key signatures work (and why they matter)
•How to build an endless variety of chords and where to use them
•The fundamentals of musical analysis
•How tonal music works (and why this is important)
•And all other essential music theory details!

Stop searching the web endlessly in hopes of finding the right information and start learning from this step-by-step system instead. Hundreds of students have successfully gone through the School of Composition’s practical methods to learn music theory.Now it’s your turn!


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