Neo-Soul Keys 4 v4.0.2 for Falcon

Neo-Soul Keys 4 v4.0.2 for Falcon

11.2021 | 2.15 GB

Workstation represents the newest version of what is said to be the best electric piano library ever made. Neo-Soul Keys 4.0 for UVI boasts a brand new architecture and a new era for electric piano libraries. Neo-Soul Keys Version 4 boasts a whopping 50 new electric pianos, along with some very cleaver scripting techniques that will allow one individual electric piano to have over 24 different timbres that can change with velocity.

The sound of Neo-Soul Keys is extremely warm and expressive. You have the ability to completely purge all of the mechanical effects in order to save CPU and RAM. You also have the ability to customize each and every mechanical effect and independently adjust the velocity curve, velocity amount, and velocity sensitivity per layer, which lends to an infinite amount of control when molding and crafting your own sound. When you start with an already vintage sample of over 50 electric pianos and combine it with UVI’s stellar effects and a very high level of scripting techniques, you get the best electric piano library ever made!


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