Nexus 3 Expansion Techno XP

Nexus 3 Expansion Techno XP

Nexus 3 Expansion | 1.56 GB

A new expansion that’s anything (and everything) but mainstream!

Techno is gritty, evil, dark, and sure to murder your dance floor!

Designed on an insanely expensive, huge modular system, these are first-in-class and absolutely unique Techno sounds and drums.

Sound designer Andreas Hinz shows off his incredible skills in this must-have expansion that’s tailor-made for all non-commercial producers out there!


AR Break Split
AR Dark Rhythm
AR Deep City
AR Distorted Reality
AR Dystopia
AR Elements
AR Elevate
AR Face to Face
AR Filler
AR Forbidden Planet
AR Fragments of Time (Split)
AR Horizon
AR Interstellar
AR Low Rumble
AR Minor Filler
AR Mutants (Modwheel)
AR Mystic Atmo 1
AR Mystic Atmo 2
AR Nu World
AR Raw Cut
AR Rising Arp 1
AR Rising Arp 2
AR Rubber Saws
AR Saw Storm
AR Sine Love
AR Stabber
AR Stutter Drop
AR Sweepy Stabs
AR Teebee Arp 1
AR Teebee Arp 2
AR The Silence
AR Thin Squares
AR Trouble
AR Vowel
AR Without You
AT Minor Atmo 1
AT Minor Atmo 2
BA Acid Shot
BA Analogue 1
BA Analogue 2
BA Bass FX Shot 1
BA Bass FX Shot 2
BA Bounded
BA Critical
BA Dark Bass
BA Dark Basspad
BA Destroyer
BA Frontline
BA Offbeat Sub
BA Pulsar
BA Push
BA Reese
BA Ripper
BA Rolling Bass
BA The Drill
BA Under Pressure
CH Amped Major
CH Choir Swell
CH Noise Stab
CH Octagon
CH Stab Impact
DR Demo Drums 1
DR Demo Drums 2
DR Syncussion 1
DR Syncussion 2
FX Background Fifth
FX Band Layer
FX Brass Swell
FX Demo FX
FX FM Swell
FX Feedback 1
FX Feedback 2
FX Rezo Noize
FX Screech
LD Chroma
LD Collider
LD Double Sweep
LD Drop Hoover
LD Exoplanet
LD Fat Pulse
LD Fifth Dimension
LD Fire
LD Fusion
LD Outer Space
LD Power
LD Prophet
LD Sleepless
LD Subzero
LD The Darkness
LD The Nineties
LD Tracer
LD Voilet
PD High Swirler
PD Phased
PD Rainy Pad
PD Sidechain Pad
PL Bandpass Pluck
PL Cosmic
PL Neutron
PL Panorama
PL Renegade
PL Reverser 1
PL Reverser 2
PL Softy
SQ Andromeda
SQ Berghain
SQ Dark Energy
SQ Detroit
SQ Diablo
SQ Extraction
SQ Gemini
SQ Get Deep
SQ Horizon
SQ Moving Forward
SQ Never look Back
SQ Non Stop
SQ Odessa
SQ Pressure
SQ Puncher
SQ Radioactive
SQ Shadows
SQ Sisyphos
SQ Stab Groove
SQ Telepath
SQ The Acid 1
SQ The Acid 2
SQ The Core
SQ The Glow
SQ The Rush
SQ Together
SQ Under Control
SQ Vibrations
SQ Warpspeed
SY Orbital
SY Red


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