NEXUS 4 Skins by Nikeys

NEXUS 4 Skins

NiKEYS MUSIC | Date: 2023.12.30 | Size: 15.5 MB

Greetings, dear Nexus 4 users!

Happy upcoming New Year 2024! As we approach this magical time, I’ve decided to contribute to our creative community. I am proud to present to you my own skins for Nexus 4. These skins are the result of my passion and effort, and I am delighted to share them with you.

My skins are designed to inspire you for new musical discoveries and add a personal touch to your creativity. I hope you will like them and that they will help make your compositions even more memorable. The skin pack includes 14 skins:

– BIOS Black
– Coloroid
– Cyberpunk
– Cyberpunk II
– Diamond
– Diamond II
– Diamond III
– Music
– New Year 2024
– Slap House
– TV
– TV 2

Use them in good health, and may your hits top the charts and be played on radio stations around the world! I eagerly await your feedback and your creations enlivened with these skins.

Warm regards and best wishes,


From NFO:
Install: Copy the ‘Skins’ folder into your Nexus Content folder


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