Ochen K EDS06s Drum Synth v1.0.0-DECiBEL

Ochen K EDS06s Drum Synth v1.0.0

DECiBEL | 26 Mar 2022 | 104 MB

The EDS06s is an electronic-style drum synth with six parallel independent synth engines in one device. You can use a single EDS06s for six separate drum hits, or make a single drum hit with six layers of sound, or anything in between.

Take control of your drum sounds from the ground up. Instead of using samples of percussion sounds that others have already made, make your own modern percussion sounds. The EDS06s makes the creation of rich modern electronic percussion easy. With an array of per-channel effects and both internal and external modulation of every parameter, the EDS06s brings a powerful drum synth to your Reason rack. And because you’re synthesizing your own percussion sounds from the ground up, your drum tracks can be completely unique.

Every channel includes the following:
49 waveforms
– including basic sine, triangle, saw, square, and noise waves
– an additional 44 wave cycles hand picked specifically for percussion synthesis

– Coarse and fine tune
– Pitch drop

– Attack and decay

Four effects
– Filter (4 modes including low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)
– Distortion (3 types including drive, foldback, and bit crush)
– Reverb
– Delay
– (All effects can be routed in any order.)

– 7 waveforms
– LFO rate can be free-running, retrigger, or tempo sync modes
– Can oscillate any other parameter in each channel
– Oscillation is scalable

– Each channel has an independent aux send and return

Audio and CV connections
– Each channel has independent stereo audio outs
– Each channel has CV gave in and out connections
– All internal LFOs can be routed externally
– Every channel has 5 CV ins to control any parameter in each channel


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