P422 Fairuz v0.4.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]

P422 Fairuz v0.4.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]

MORiA | AU | VST3 | | 92.9 MB

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P422 Fairuz will bring out the natural resonance and richness of the instrument you are EQ-ing. Even at extreme boosts or cuts, the integrity of the sound is maintained.

P422 Fairuz is a versatile channel proportional EQ. Each point of the stepped frequencies is tuned by ear for that sweet spot. Still, the option to switch the band to continuous operation is provided for power users. Bands can be either peak or a punch (push/pull) curve. Fairuz does not emulate any hardware design. It is an original design free from the limitations and sonics of existing hardware equalizers.

– 4 Bands: L, LM, HM, H.
– 2 Shelves, Low and High.
– 2 Filters: HPF & LPF
– Step or continuous frequencies and gain.
– Proportional Q.
– Tremor circuit for low end shaping.
– Unique Peak or cut/boost bands.
– Zero sample latency.


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