Peak Only Analog Sample Pack WAV-FLARE

Peak Analog Sample Pack WAV

FLARE | 29 November 2020 | 245 MB

Many of our days are spent coaxing sounds out of our recording setups, DAWs, and a collection of our favorite synth plugins.

But even we get a little bored with plugins…

Enter Peak Only.

We challenged ourselves with crafting a sample pack using only the Novation Peak desktop analog synth, and a thoughtful amount of post-processing.

That meant that all percussion, claps, drums, and of course synth sounds, were to be painstakingly crafted over the course of many weeks with the Peak.

The end result is a versatile sample pack with over 280+ mix-ready sounds, and a unique sonic signature you’ll get nowhere else.


· 10 – Pads
· 10 – Synths
· 11 – Basses
· 33 – FX & Textures
· 50 – Processed Analog Drums
· 71 – Synth Perc & Music Loops
· 100 – Raw Analog Drums



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