Peak Rider 2 v2.1.6 WiN-MOCHA

Peak Rider 2 v2.1.6 WiN-MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | 5.0 MB

A revolutionary new approach to dynamics processing, now upgraded and more powerful than ever! Peak Rider 2 smoothly detects the dynamics and frequencies of a sidechain signal (external or generated), using it to process the main input in one of 5 ways. From vocal riding to drum shaping, transient design, precision EQ and beyond, the creative possibilities are endless!

Peak Rider 2 is a unique, flexible, and powerful sidechain dynamic processor. It can be used to
match the volume envelope of one signal to another, subtract the volume envelope of one signal
from another, expand a signal by combining the envelope of another audio signal with its own,
or equalize a signal while retaining the exact dynamic characteristics. It can also be used for
powerful transient designing, tight drum gating, dynamic retention across distortion or other
effects, reshaping stereo imaging, and much, much more.


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