Phase Plant Expressive Suite Phase Plant Presets-ARCADiA

Phase Plant Expressive Suite Phase Plant Presets-ARCADiA

Team ARCADiA | Phase Plant Presets | 377.07 MB

We believe in the power of collaboration. Phase Plant Expressive Suite blends the depth of Kilohearts’ multi-award-winning softsynth Phase Plant with the expertise in expressive sound design we have developed over nearly 10 years at Expressive E.

Phase plant expressive suite
Phase Plant is an amazing software synth, very modular yet user-friendly, letting you easily combine multiple types of synthesis. We sought to fully exploit its advanced modulation system to develop a vast library of presets, all offering an unprecedented level of sound-gesture interaction. Discover the next level of MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

premium MPE experience
4 exclusive sound banks with more than 400 expertly crafted MPE presets

powerful and versatile engine
wavetable, FM, sampling, granular, analog-style, and many more

semi-modular architecture
total freedom to create and arrange the sounds of your dreams

expressive modulation system
perfect to build truly sensitive interactions with your playing & gestures

Gestures take familiar sounds to the next level
Electric pianos, acoustic brass & winds, plucks, synth leads & pads, advanced wavetables, and many more.
Rediscover a vast palette of instruments and sounds through our next-level expressive playing experience.

expressive digital synthesis
Discover an extensive array of digital synthesis, from ultramodern wavetables to classic FM sounds, grainy pads to sharp lead synths.

Content of pack:

bass 20
bells 9
chords 6
fxs 2
keys 13
lead 9
pads 11
plucked-mallet 9
sequences 12
synths 13

expressive analog & keys suite
Enter the world of oscillator drifts, characterful preamps, vintage keyboards, and warm textures. Delicious brings expressivity to all the classics.

Content of pack:

bass 10
bells 5
chords 10
keys 22
lead 17
pads 9
plucked-mallet 7
sequences 8
synths 18

expressive cinematic & acoustic
A realm of evocative soundscapes and captivating instruments. Tailored for cinematic, orchestral, ambient, and acoustic sonic landscapes.

Content of pack:

bass 9
fxs 7
keys 2
pads 9
plucked-mallet 29
soundscapes 27
strings 21

expressive cinematic & acoustic
This cinematic, orchestral, and acoustic sound collection lets you drift even deeper into ethereal textures, haunting echoes, and celestial reverberations.

Content of pack:

brass 21
lead 5
pads 27
sequences 10
soundscapes 10
synths 23

expressive expertise
After nearly 10 years of exploring the areas of expressiveness, we have gained extensive know-how in how gestures must interact with sound to offer you the best MPE playing experience possible.


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