Piano Accompaniment Level 2 Sing & Play Chords Like a Pro TUTORiAL

Piano Accompaniment Level 2 Sing & Play Chords Like a Pro TUTORiAL

P2P | 07 March 2024 | 2.8 GB

Embark on an immersive journey into the essence of pop music with us, where precision and depth overrule volume, ensuring each lesson is not only concise but rich in content and easy to revisit. Our approach prioritizes quality, focusing intently on key aspects that make learning pop piano both effective and engaging. Discover the art of piano accompaniment and harmony, diving deep into chord progressions that are foundational to the pop genre. Our curriculum is designed with a sharp focus on practical methods, enabling immediate application of rhythms and genre-specific techniques that enrich your musical palette.

Experience the transformative power of playing by ear and detailed song analysis, skills that allow you to capture the essence of pop music intuitively. Composition and arrangement sessions are crafted to unleash your creative potential, guiding you through the process of creating captivating pop piano compositions. We emphasize diverse chord applications to enhance your musical expressions, offering innovative ways to utilize chords beyond conventional approaches.

Moreover, our unique take on sheet music-free improvisation invites you to explore the realms of spontaneous musical creation, liberating you from the confines of traditional sheet music. This focused, quality-driven journey into pop piano not only equips you with the skills needed for immediate application but also fosters a deep, lasting connection with music. Join us to master the art of pop piano, where every chord struck is a step towards realizing your musical aspirations.

What you’ll learn:

The Magic of Chords: Basics of Application and Logical Beauty
Master the Fundamentals of Rhythm and Accompaniment Styles
Enchanting Intermediate Piano Accompaniment Techniques
Exploring the Foundations of Notes and Harmony


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