Pink Textures Tomofon Sound Pack WIN macOS iOS

Pink Textures Tomofon Sound Pack WIN macOS iOS

02 June 2024 | 15.3 MB/15.9 MB/15.3 MB

Experimental soundscapes by Marie Rose. Add some pink noises to your sound palette
Pink Textures is a unique Audio Model Pack for Tomofon, created with sound designers and musicians in mind. This pack is designed around the process of sound sculpture, where the ambience and what remains afterwards are just as important as the sound itself. With a focus on lo-fi philosophy and techniques, the Pink Textures pack offers a wide range of sounds that are anything but polished. These crunchy, crispy and somewhat unpredictable sounds are perfect for adding an extra twist to your music, whether you’re working on cinematic, ambient, drone or experimental projects.

Every patch in the Pink Textures pack has been meticulously tested with a variety of listening chains, ensuring that the sounds will add new details depending on the gear being used. With three specific directions of cinematic, sound design and textures, you’re sure to find the perfect sound and some unique sound sculpting for your project.


15 Audio Models
32 Patches
Size after install: 16.9 MB


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