Podcast Audio: Make Your Show Sound As Good As Your Content

Podcast Audio Make Your Sound

English | 2020 | 137 Pages | PDF, AZW3 | 8 MB

Most podcasters are expert in lots of things other than audio. Creative warriors like yourself are on the front line churning out stories and other great content week after week, helping to build what’s become a serious industry.

But podcasts are about audio, after all, and not understanding the basics has its consequences. Too many shows are difficult to listen to and understand what’s going on. Others simply need a bit of polishing so they can hang with the big-time productions from NPR and the like. With just a little guidance and practice, you can learn how to properly record with a mic, make it sound good, and produce a final show file that will help your show sound better and more professional.

We’ll take a look at microphones, understanding room acoustics, recording setup and equipment, editing and mixing, common problems, and producing a master show file. Audio examples are available on the website so you can hear what we’re talking about. Most of this isn’t that hard once you’re aware of the issues, so let’s move the needle forward.


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