Polyform – Max for Live Polyphonic MIDI Processor

Polyphonic MIDI Processor

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Polyform is a Max for Live polyphonic MIDI processor that can listen to monophonic melodies and basslines and generate a polyphonic response algorithmically.
While Polyform is not designed to replace tradicional chord progressions, it’s capable of generating rhythmic polyphonic sequences and counter melodies based on other sequences and reacting to changes in those sequences automatically.

Polyform generates it’s results by matching incoming notes to an algorithmically generated sequence. The user can than manipulate and interact with the results in real time via parameters such as Delay, Density and Length, as well as change some of the algorithm settings used by Polyform to generate it response sequences via the Tweaks tab.

Tweakable Algorithm

Chord Quality control

Randomized chord inversions

Post Quantizer

Non-Destructive Pattern Manipulation

Pattern Visualizer

Auto variation for Note Length and Velocity


System Requirements

– Ableton Live 9 or 10
– Cycling ’74 Max 7
– Windows 7 or OSX 10.7



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