Prayer Drums Old School Breaks WAV-FLARE

Prayer Drums Old School Breaks WAV

FLARE | 29 November 2020 | 381 MB

The sounds of the 90’s and early 00’s are making a big comeback, and we’re excited! Illegal raves, dank warehouses, low-quality loudspeakers ― there’s a certain charm to this era.

More importantly, the sounds signalled a renaissance in music creation. Often times using lo-fidelity samplers, DnB, Breakbeat, and Jungle producers of the day sampled “breaks” directly from old funk and soul records. In doing so, they created not only forward-thinking music, but also the foundations for much of what’s popular today.

So our pack, then.

A reference to the famous “Amen break,” Prayer Drums is a pack created for the sole purpose of bringing a bit of that old-school breaks magic into the DAWs of producers, today.

We’ve gone to great lengths to capture, yet preserve the sonic identity of 90s and early 00s break music, while at the same time breathing new life it. No easy task.

You see, rather than directly sampling breaks from records of yore, these Loops, Drums, Basses, and FX are all brand-spanking new!

In total, there are 399 sounds ready to be chopped, filtered, mangled, and sequenced, just as music producers then did.

If you make DnB, Hardcore, or Rave music of any kind, do not pass this pack up!


· 3 – Construction Kits
· 5 – Noisefloors
· 10 – FX
· 24 – Chord Cuts
· 50 – Reeses & Basses
· 61 – Loops
· 221 – Drums & Percs



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