Real Binaural Factory Hall Reverb! Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV

Real Binaural Factory Hall Reverb (IRs) WAV

Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV | 72.19 MB

This is our second binaural reverb Impulse Responses that we have ever made.

One of the most realistic soundings reverbs we have ever made!

Recorded with a binaural head mic in an empty factory hall

you will get 15 different positions of where the head was positioned in like;

Mid – Left – Right

5 meters behind the head (mid, left, right)

10 meters behind the head (mid, left, right)

5 meters in front of the head (mid, left, right)

10 meters in from of the head (mid, left, right)

This reverb could change the way you mix. You can position your tracks in real space without using panning.

In the demos, you will feel and hear as if you were in that space and some sounds & reverbs will be coming behind your head.

Wonderfull sounding 3D reverb for your mixes.

3D Binaural reverb works best with the headphones but also sounds very deep and a bit different (positive) than a normal stereo reverb.

Stereo compatible!

You will get 30 world-class IR’s in this set!

Digital & Tape Captures.

96kHz Wav Files


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