Realms of Fantasy for Prophet Rev2

Realms of Fantasy for Prophet Rev2

Presets | 773 Kb

Hello, and thank you very much for purchasing my soundbank “Realms of Fantasy”.

I spent more than 6 months creating these 128 sounds, and i put a hell of a lot of effort into these sounds to be both expressive and easy to use right “out of the box”… Also, the second revision of this bank took it’s time, simply because I wanted the sounds to be perfect (by my standards at least), so please, respect MY COPYRIGHT, and understand that these presets are LICENSED TO YOU for use in YOUR OWN PRODUCTIONS ONLY, BOTH PRIVATE AND COMMERCIALLY, AS YOU SEE FIT.

All rights to this bank, the sounds on it, and any derrivative works of it, still belongs to me (Jess D. Skov-Nielsen). I could write a bunch of legal jargon here, but I know that you know what is right and wrong, so I’ll spare you the trouble of enlightening you with your own conscience 😉 …

The point is; if i do not get any credit and payoff for this hard work, then my reason for creating more like this would vanish completely. I initially created these sounds for my own pleasure and use, but enough interrest from you made me decide to release them for you to enjoy too… I do not NEED the money, but it’s the only thing that drives me to release them for you to enjoy as well, so remember that 🙂 … thank you.
The sounds have been properly categorized, and all program names have a three character prefix, that designate the category they belong to. They are all sorted alphabetically, both in category and names, all for ease of use.

There will be an installation READ_ME.txt file that comes with the bank that tells you about the bank in more detail. Also, there will be provided 8 files in total, each one writing the sounds to a different bank (including all four factory banks, if one should want those erased). The READ_ME.txt file also include a full list of all the programs, and an explanation of all the sound categories.

An audio demo is planned for later, with a video to go along with it (YouTube), but if you are not familiar with how the programs sound, then look take a look in my other thread “The REV2 is a deep and capable synth”.. .there are loads of demos in that thread that you can listen to, until my video demo is up.

Here is a full listing of the programs:


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