Reason RE Design D1-RT v1.1.1-DECiBEL

Design D1-RT v1.1.1

DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 21 MB

D1-RT Line Noise Injector generates 3 different types of line level noise infusing your mixes with beautiful analog imperfection.

Generate a mix of tape hiss, mains hum and/or vinyl surface noise to add subtle spice to the otherwise cold and sterile digital domain.

As John Peel once famously said: “Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, ‘Listen, mate, life has surface noise.”

– Tape Hiss
– Mains Hum
– Vinyl Crackle

Update 1.1.2
– Updated to SDK version 4.3.0

Update 1.1.1
– High resolution graphics fix.

Update 1.1.0
– Code optimization and various internal fixes.
– Enabled ambient occlusion on knob graphics.
– Tweaked faceplate light source.


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