Reason RE Pulse Generator v1.0.3-DECiBEL

Pulse Generator v1.0.3

DECiBEL | 07 Jan 2022 | 4.8 MB

Psychedelic Haas CV Pulse Generator is a small and simple device designed to setup a series of CV Pulse sequences. It is in sync with your song and the sequences can be setup using simple math of beats and bars.

Can be chained.

– 16 Programmable Pulse Sequences
– Chainable

Steps to get pulses working:
– Setup main sequence length in bars.
– choose if it has to loop that sequence or not.
– Choose if Solo mode is preferred or not.
– Setup one or more(pulldown) sequences using the following settings
– Length (sum of both length settings)
– Hold (amount of beats to wait whitin its length before giving pulse)
– CV value (to set from -1,000 to +1,000)
– P.W. (optional, o% is giving a pulse signal.)
– Priority (optional, gives a higher priority to certain pulses compared to other pulses when triggered at the same time)


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