Reason RE Tritone Multiband Waveshaper v1.1.4-R2R

Tritone Multiband Waveshaper v1.1.4 WIN

Team R2R | 19 Oct 2021 | 63 MB

SoundMod Tritone is a multiband waveshaper allowing you to split your signal into three separated band and apply an individual waveshaping algorithm with a sets of control available for each band thus creating rich overtones. Transform simple tones into complex one, add punch to your guitar and bass line, destroy drum beats, fatten up your synth sounds and create movement. This is what Tritone will do for you.

SoundMod Tritone is not only a great-looking waveshaper it is also a great-sounding one and designed to allow you to get better control over your distorted tones. His flexible controls give you the ability to completely change the character of the audio coming in with only few tweaks.

Simply warm up your sound by overdriving the input stage. Enhance dynamic and movement with the envelope follower modulator. Morph the harmonic content from one to another using the crossover split frequency controls. Control the overall tone and the harmonic content by applying different waveshaping algorithms on separated band . Get a better control over the shaped signal. This is what Tritone is capable of.

A witch says,
You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder.


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