Resampling TUTORiAL

Resampling TUTORiAL

Team TUTOR | 29 Jan 2021 | 1.80 GB

Diving into Resampling: Vocals, Synths, Bass, Drums, & Vintage.
Welcome to Resampling. In this series we are going to explore multiple ways to resample, including sampling an acapella of a classic soul record. One each lesson we will discuss ways to resample in the daw, as well as creating new textures and grooves to fit our needs. By the end of this series you will have a better understanding of resampling, how to use it to your advantage, and a fire beat!

Video 1 – Resampling Our Song
In this episode we get your DAW setup right with the proper BPM and loading up of your included acapella.

Video 2 – Resampling Synths & Vocals
In this lesson we start to break down our acapella and create a groove. Whether following along or making your own, you’ll start your dive into re-sampling. Also in this episode we will learn how to resample into Ableton itself, and create a custom synth choir pattern for our beat to follow.

Video 3 – Resampling Drums
Now that we have our root, let’s find our groove. In resampling drums we will be taking a drum loop and stripping it down and putting it back together again. With new patterns and custom effects, we resample our own drums and make a pattern perfectly tailored to our song.

Video 4 – Resampling Bass
In this lesson we take a custom made 808 and make it our own. Following the groove of the drums and making it fit perfectly, we also dive into multi band sidechain within a kick and the bass, giving each other low end room to achieve their purposes to the best level.

Video 5 – Final touches
In this final episode we bring our track together with special FX and transitions, as well as run a brief midtown of each channel to make sure there are no competing sounds. By the end of this episode you will have your resampling game stepped up ten times over, and be walking away with one fire beat.



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