Retro Futurist for Vapor Keys

Retro Futurist for Vapor Keys

Vapor Keys Presets | 131.88 KB

The Fusion of Past and Future

The Retro Futurist DLC consists of 40 meticulously crafted presets and seamlessly merges contemporary sonic aesthetics with a hint of retro charm.

Retro Futurist takes inspiration from the timeless sounds of the past while embracing the cutting-edge possibilities of today’s music production. Each preset is designed to offer a unique blend of modern textures and a dash of vintage character, making it an essential addition to your music creation toolkit.

Number of presets included:

Keys & Leads: 30
Pads & Soundscapes: 8
FX: 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the Retro Futurist DLC requires Vapor Keys. Vapor Keys is sold separately and not included in this product.

Works with Vapor Keys
Vapor Keys brings the iconic sounds of the 90s into the modern era! Design classic and modern FM synths, create sweet, lush melodies or dark, moody soundscapes with ease. Equipped with our latest effect modules and smart randomiser system! The instrument combines custom electric pianos and a variety of synth sounds to create bold, unique tones with 23 accurately sampled FM and wavetable synth patches.


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