SDZ131 Kinetic Waveforms for ZENOLOGY-DECiBEL

SDZ131 Kinetic Waveforms for ZENOLOGY

DECiBEL | 30 Aug 2023 | 0.1MB

Dark Dance Sounds for ZEN-Core Instruments
Explore the darker energy of dance music with Kinetic Waveforms – a driving array of intense analog textures, fat synth basses, and powerful drums. Compatible with the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, this curated collection features 32 expertly crafted tones and two drum kits.

– Analog-style synth sounds and hard-hitting drums for modern dance music and cinematic sci-fi soundscapes
– Includes 32 tones and two drum kits
– Available for download in Roland Cloud Manager
– Compatible with the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and Roland ZEN-Core hardware instruments

Expand Your Creative Options with ZEN-Core Sound Packs
ZEN-Core Sound Packs provide new sounds for Roland’s ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and ZEN-Core hardware. Driven by the powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System, they deliver everything from vintage analog to fresh hybrid tones. Each pack focuses on a specific genre or instrument type, or features sounds from leading artists.


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