Senegalese Zouk WAV-FLARE

Senegalese Zouk WAV-FLARE

Senegalese Zouk WAV

FLARE | 19 November 2020 | 732 MB

Earning its French Antillean Créole name from nightlong dance parties on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, zouk music blends a variety of Caribbean, African, and North American music styles including soul, R&B, disco, merengue, rumba, soukous, salsa, and compas. Recorded at La Boutique Studios Dakar, this pack explores zouk from a specific Senegalese lens, as this style is now popular in Dakar clubs.
Early zouk was distinguished from its Antillean relatives by its studio sound, including the extensive use of synthesizers, along with female lead and backup singers. It also used instruments and rhythms from local French Antillean traditions and cultural practices. Its guiding rhythm honors its Caribbean heritage with a repeated pattern of two long beats followed by a short beat usually carried by the hi-hat cymbals. As zouk became more popular internationally, lyrics were sung in French rather than Créole.
Much like Chicago house music, zouk is an amalgamation of different popular music styles of the time. Zouk is different in that those styles were happening in different geographies, making it a truly unique symbol of the diaspora and international cultures influencing one another.
· 50 Drum Loops
· 31 Melodic Stacks
· 20 Electric Bass Loops
· 47 Electric Guitar Loops
· 45 Keys Loops
· 33 Vocal Phrases
· 22 Drum Fills
· 6 Hats
· 9 Kicks
· 19 Percs
· 9 Snares
· 20 Electric Bass One Shots
· 42 Electric Guitar One Shots
· 8 Vocal One Shots



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