Seqund Lite v1.0.0-BUBBiX

Seqund Lite v1.0.0-BUBBiX

BUBBiX | 27 May 2024 | 21.4 MB

Introducing SEQUND Lite (AU/VST/VST3), a streamlined version of SEQUND, our flagship sequencer plug-in for macOS and Windows, available to all main DAWs with an even more accessible entry point to polyrhythmic sequencing.

With Gate, Hold, Pitch, Velocity, CC Lanes and Scale Quantization, SEQUND Lite retains the core features of the original SEQUND, offering a focused tool for exploring polyrhythms and instant generation without the extra bells and whistles.

Each lane has an independent length, facilitating the generation of complex polyrhythms and evolving patterns with ease. Whether creating bass lines with subtle variations or unexpected melodies in a blink, SEQUND Lite’s intuitive interface enhances your creative process and calls for exploration.

Each user preset contains up to 12 patterns that can be recalled instantly via MIDI notes, allowing seamless pattern changes and precise timing.

The Transpose function is available before or after scale quantization, enabling you to shift your melody and stay in key or act as a traditional transpose.

All main global parameters can be automated via your DAW, and you can use SEQUND Lite with soft synths as well as hardware synths.

We have retained and improved the randomization and step lock features for instant sequence generation and increased control over your sequences.

Newly designed presets by both talented newcomers and established legends, including Boris Werner, Distilled Noise, DJ Bone, Julie Marghilano, La Boum Fatale, Luise, Luna Ludmila, Monty Luke, and Vince Watson, are included to get you started.

64-bit: (VST2, VST3)


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