Shaperbox 2 Getting Creative TUTORiAL

Shaperbox 2 Getting Creative TUTORiAL

7 December 2020 | 290 MB

Studio wiz Larry Holcombe delivers creative Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials! Watch ways to use different modules and effects found in Shaperbox 2 creatively on your tracks and productions, making them both more exciting and interesting. You also get the audio files Larry uses in the videos so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those familiar with Shaperbox 2. If you’re new to Shaperbox, checkout Shaperbox 2 Explained® here.

Larry greets you and introduces the series and then starts off with showing you how to use VolumeShaper to control the envelope of a sampled kick drum, so you create the correct amount of space in the low end for the bassline. Then you’ll see how to utilize MIDI Trigger to manipulate the kick drum’s LFO shape in VolumeShaper, which ensures that kick drums don’t conform to a strict 4/4 pattern or are off the grid.

Next, Larry gives you tons of other cool concepts, like how to use VolumeShaper to extract hits from a drum loop, use VolumeShaper as a Compressor/Expander for wild dynamic loops, creative loop layering tricks, do realtime re-programming of your drum loops on-the-fly, add vinyl slow down and DJ scratch effects with TimeShaper, and create an interesting half-time drum sound which can add rhythmic interest to your arrangement.

In the rest of the videos, you’ll get tips and tricks like how to side-chain just the low end frequencies of the bass to the kick drum for extra headroom and clarity, use TimeShaper to make Lo-Fi wow and flutter effects, use FliterShaper to filter your musical sections for more sonic variation and keep your looping ideas interesting, and how to use PanShaper and WidthShaper to enhance the stereo image of your track, as well as add some lo-fi crunch for character.

To see what these creative Cableguys Shaperbox video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you making better effects and loops for your songs and productions, check out the individual Shaperbox 2 video descriptions on this page. See how to get the most from these plug-ins and watch them being used in-action with awesome results… Watch “Shaperbox 2: Getting Creative” today!



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