Shaperbox 3 v3.4 WiN-TeamCubeadooby

Shaperbox 3 v3.4 WiN

TeamCubeadooby | 8 November 2023 | 11.84 MB

ShaperBox is your go-to tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic.

Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects come together in one easy, modern interface.

► Break out of the loop

No more waiting for inspiration to strike! Create endless variations on any sound with a browser that makes it easy to find the presets you need. Chop, glitch, stutter, warp, enhance and much more.

► Make your music move

Bring out the emotion in your songs with easy drawable LFO waveforms, reactive envelope followers and new audio triggering. Create rhythmic effects that react to your music – or stamp a whole new groove on it.

► Solve complex mix problems

Sculpt your sound in incredible detail with 3-band multiband for every effect. Apply focused enhancement – or erase problem elements of your mix. It’s complex mixing made easy.

3.3.1 – June 28, 2023

– Improved: Reduced CPU usage for General and Complex Audio Trigger algorithms.

– Improved: Loaded presets are selected in the Browser when a project is reopened.

– Improved: Better visual feedback for the Pan/Haas slider in PanShaper.

– Improved: When a 1-shot LFO finishes playing, the oscilloscope’s waveform remains on screen until the LFO is triggered again, unless the Envelope Follower is also active.

– Improved: Triplet grid is now a single menu option. Main beats/bars are always highlighted for Straight timings. Dotted timings always highlight the three main subdivisions, and true musical triplets are now possible in these timings.

– Fixed: MIDI/Audio Triggering could cause unnecessary popping sounds in certain cases.

– Fixed: The angle of the background diagonal line in TimeShaper did not always reflect Time Range.

– Fixed: In Logic Pro X on Apple Silicon, a rose-colored border appeared around menus.

– Fixed: In Logic Pro X on Apple Silicon, moving a point or Pen on the border of the LFO Wave Editor did not behave smoothly.

– Fixed: When loading a song with a preset the user had edited, the asterisk indicating preset modification was missing.

– Fixed: In NoiseShaper’s noise Type menu, User folders containing a period character were truncated before the final period.

– Fixed: After loading a preset, the “No MIDI triggers detected” message would not be shown unless MIDI triggering was turned off and on again.


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