Slap By Mr Bill v1.3.6 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

Slap By Mr Bill v1.3.6 R2R

Team R2R | 2023.09.08 | 21.2 MB

Drum processing just got a hell of a lot easier

Key Features
Add instant fat and slap to any drum sound.

Signature sounds and handcrafted presets by Mr Bill.

Unique Click module with the power to replace or layer any transient.

6 intuitive FX modules that could each be considered a plugin on its own:
Clap module that adds a synthesized noise clap to any sound.
Powerful transient shaping with the Shape module.
Fat module to add fat and punch easily via multiband compression and EQ.
Spray module to add lush reverbs and sustains to your drum sounds.
Clipper with a Punish and Timbre control.
Sub module to add earth-shattering sub to any source.

Routing of all FX modules via intuitive drag-and-drop actions.

Tone section to add glue everything together and control low and high-end frequencies with precision.

A global Tune control to alter every process inside the plugin and allow you to easily retune your whole drum.

A global FX Amount control to scale the processing amount of all FX modules at once.

Pinpoint waveform display with multiple visualization modes.


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