Snaps Claps Rims for MULTiFORMAT

Snaps Claps Rims MULTiFORMAT

DECiBEL | 26 Apr 2022 | 15 MB

Three types of excellent custom made enhancer-sounds for your drum patterns in one drum sample pack – Snaps Claps Rims.

Snaps – it is hard to imagine calm and smooth RnB or Future soul without a couple of snapping fingers. Besides, snap samples will perfectly fit in every pop ballad or chill out/lounge track. They will never be odd ones out in Chill Trap, Chill Hip-Hop or Downtempo for highlighting the calm part of the track.

Clap samples have already become a classic and peculiar axiom in every modern music trend. Palm claps always add to the track some rhythmical magic, it always becomes a bit (or even not a bit but more) pumping with claps.

Rims they are also rimshots/rim-knocks/rim-clicks, a slight hit by a drumstick to a rim of a drum. As well as claps, rimshot sound fits well in calm and slow compositions, where it is used instead of snare, or as a temporary replacement of a snare during the edge or bridge in a song.

All the sounds were recorded and/or processed in compliance with the highest standards of sound engineering and they are fully ready to be used in your DAW and hard/soft samplers. Besides the general WAV audio format we created for users’ convenience sampler patches for following soft samplers: KONTAKT, HALION, NN-XT.

Please note: this is a Drum Sample Pack only! The DEMO contains other sounds exclusively for illustration and they are not included in this sample pack.

Product Details:
– 24 Claps Samples
– 24 Claps Samples Tape
– 33 Rims Samples
– 33 Rims Samples Tape
– 22 Snaps Samples
– 22 Snaps Samples Tape
– 12 Sampler Patches
– 100% Royalty Free


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