SonicRama v1.0.9 MacOS-Xdb

SonicRama v1.0.9 MacOS-Xdb

Team Xdb | MacOS | AU/VST/APP – x86_64 | 179.96 MB

A flexible wavetable synthesizer for creating custom musical scales and mathematical relationships between frequencies.

Visualize sound-geometry.

Micro-tuning up to 4 frequencies for each key.
Customizable parameters for each key: volume, delay, phase, wavetable, octave, pan, fine-tuning, pitch offset, osc-to-follow, follow parameters, on-off.
Create, import, export, edit microtuning files (supports .tun and .scl files).
XY oscilloscope with automatable image controllers (scale, rotation, hue, saturation, brightness, line thickness, data size).
3 Bezier ADSR.
4 oscillators.
LP/HP/BP filter.
Frequency Table Editor: equipped with frequency lists divided into categories that you can modify or expand with your own lists.
Frequency interconnection modules (OSC-TO-FOLLOW mode).
Brainwaves synchronization tool.
Drag and drop modulation.


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