Sound Pack Bundle SDZ001-100 SDZ

Sound Pack Bundle SDZ001

18 May 2022 | 7.66 MB

Take your tracks to the next level with this enormous sound collection for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and Roland instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. Covering everything from hip-hop and synthwave to techno and beyond, this genre-spanning bundle includes 100 Sound Pack titles from the Roland Cloud library and over 1600 expertly crafted tones and drum kits.

Inspiring Instruments
Looking for that specific color to bring a track together? This vast array of instrument sounds will keep your creative fires ablaze. Dive deep into a treasure trove of presets offering crystalline plucks, sublime pads, rich gothic choirs, digital bass sounds, dreamy guitars, and much more.

Go Inside or Outside the Box
Whatever your style, this wide-ranging compendium will bring fresh energy to your music. Stay in your lane with familiar, tried-and-true sounds. Bend the rules and incorporate classic and obscure genres into your tracks. Or mix and match textures to shape your unique vision.

Vibe It Out
Find that perfect piece of ear candy with evolving tones created by top sound designers. Paint sonic sunrises with Ethereal Realms or dive into oceans of emotion with Melancholica. Find the musical tools you need to create the aural environments you’re chasing with this universe of inspiration.

From Studio to Stage and Back
Whatever your workflow, we’ve got you covered. Use these Sound Packs in your DAW with ZENOLOGY. Or take to them to the stage with ZEN-Core hardware instruments including FANTOM and FANTOM-0, JUPITER-X/-Xm, JUNO-X, MC Grooveboxes, and many others.


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