Soundminer Plus v5.0.204-R2R

Soundminer Plus v5.0.204-R2R

Team R2R | 25 Oct 2021 | 42.6 MB

Soundminer Plus (starting at $399USD) is part of Soundminer’s next generation 64 bit alternative product line which offers modular features starting at $199US(Basic Edition). Versions come in single platform (Mac only or Windows only) or Universal (the ability to run either platform)) for $100 more. At any point a user can upgrade to the next level for the difference in price(within version). Basic/Plus products are packed with great Soundminer advances leveraged from our respected V series search engine. the Gallium package include both the Server and ProPack with Radium options making it this platform’s close equivalent to our flagship V5Pro product.

Soundminer Plus steps up the already jam packed features of the Basic Edition to include specialized support for AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Nuendo, more metadata options and expansion options for Server and a ProPack….Check out our product comparison.

All desktop software requires the presence of one of the supported USB dongles – ILOK or Codemeter or HASP HL. We do not resell ILOK keys. A user must have an ILOK usb key and account in order to select this option and and downloads are electronic. When choosing the Codemeter option, the cost of a Codemeter key ($80USD) is added to the price and a shipping estimate is calculated at check out. HASP HL keys are still supported for those with such keys but no longer sold.

* No iLok Driver installation is
required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses
less memory than legit version.


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